d’Oria Boutique Resort Lombok

Ocean View Bikin Refresh...
Tersedia Kopi Aceh, Teh Tarik...Hanya 10.000/cangkir. 
Ada banyak menu minuman lain & makanan. 

Daily open : 5.00 pm - 11.00 pm.

D'Waroeng Sunset hanya di D'Oria Resort 
Jl. Raya Senggigi Km 12-Lendang Luar-Lombok. 
Reservasi : 0370-693246.
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2N3D menginap d‘Oria Resort Lombok. 
9-11 Maret 2015 di Cottage Room.
Rp. 1 juta 
Dapatkan special gift dari d’Oria. 
Promo kamar terbatas. 

Informasi dan reservasi di 
0370 693 246 / 087 855 798 979
Mail : iva.usman@yahoo.co.id /reservation@orialombok.com

D’Oria Boutique Resort
Jl. Raya Senggigi KM 12, Lendang Luar Lombok NTB Indonesia.
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Have you ever imagined a resting natural place which is so peaceful, quiet and romantic ?

A resort with a backyard of the hill with a soothing natural plant and completed by white sandy coastline on its front yard mingled with beautiful waves ripple as its view.

The adorable view is naturally mixed by some clearly visible coral reef surrounded by some dancing fish below.

That’s Senggigi beach. It is beyond words to describe its endless beauty. The beach is spread widely among the cool swaying palms trees which greet us so gently.

Comes with a friendly and intimate service which ensures your holiday atmosphere becomes living like a king and queen. And well-experienced chefs are ready to spoil you with their high tasted meals. You just can’t miss its sensation !

Just come, enjoy and experience your own unforgettable holiday here ! 
D'Oria boutique resort, Lombok is just 1.5 hours drive from the international airport of Lombok.  We believe that the natural beauty is absolutely creation of God. 
And D'Oria boutique resort Lombok presents its beauty package for you and your family

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T : +62 370 693 246 
F : +62 370 693 2 47 
M : iva.usman@yahoo.co.id
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